your pains crawl back to you   creeping into your body    making it feel like anxiety    losing focus while tears run down your eyes    you shiver from the cool breeze of helplessness    you gaze at the mirror and look at yourself    thinking about your problems    thinking about the truth … Continue reading H E R


Destiny is the push of your instincts into the pull of your purpose. The funny thing about destiny is that it doesn’t shout it is not loud. It often whispers, that is why it may be hard to identify it. Sometimes life will have to humble us with lessons, experiences, and outcomes, in other for … Continue reading DESTINY


​Darkness spread wide above me till I could see no light This sort of threat could send me back to a choking start Black clouds gather and the weather starts to get gloomy My weak mind flashes, thoughts; ominous and doomy    Sorrow rains heavily and there is no shed Winds blows and thunder roars … Continue reading ANTI DEPRESSION | THE POEM